Picking Up Fresh MBA Dissertation Topics In Marketing

Before a student can obtain their MBA certification in the marketing field, it will be necessary for them to complete a dissertation. For this process to run smoothly, a student should choose good MBA dissertation topics in marketing. Below, you will find several ideas to get your thoughts going. You can also about fresh MBA thesis topics marketing here.

Dissertation Topics

  1. Customer Boycotting Strategy- Consider what actions a firm may take when customers are boycotting their goods. Which strategies seem to work best and does the appropriate strategy change based on the specifics of the situation?
  2. Book Marketing: Online vs. Print- Consider the price differences between electronic books and hardcopy books. Analyze the markets individually and consider which is more effective.
  3. Amazon Marketing and Buying Trends- Consider the geographical differences in buying trends and how marketing may influence purchases on Amazon. Do a case study of their tactics and influence on geographical purchases.
  4. Branding: A Case Study- Consider a few different businesses or firms and analyze their brand and how effectively it is used. How does this effect profit and growth?
  5. Social and Promotional Apps and Marketing: An Analysis of Customer Loyalty- Consider how customer loyalty is affected by social or promotional apps.
  6. Risks of High-Tech Products- Consider the risk factors that should be considered when designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-tech products. What special considerations should be kept in mind?
  7. Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty: A Case Study- Choose a few companies that are well-known for high customer satisfaction levels. How does this effect how loyal customers are to their brand?
  8. An Analysis of the Relationship Between Advertising and Teen Drinking- Consider how advertising impacts the minds of teens. Is there a relationship between this and underage drinking? Use statistics to back up your results.
  9. The Effect of Attractiveness and Web Experience on Purchases of Clothing Online- Analyze several online retail clothing sites and consider how their appearance effect customer purchases. Does an attractive site heighten the appeal of clothing bought online?
  10. Marketing Strategies in the Tobacco Industry- Consider how companies in the tobacco industry may advertise. Are restrictions and regulations placed on these companies? If so, how does it affect the way these companies can advertise and how do these restrictions affect overall profits?

Additional Considerations for Choosing the Best MBA Thesis Topic

Now that you have a list of topics, what do you do with them? Choose the best and conduct a little preliminary research to make sure 1). That it fits your needs and 2. That you can find the information. Remember that you should always choose a topic that interests you. The dissertation often takes weeks or even months of work and you do not want to spend all these hours on tedious, boring work. If you cannot get through the work yourself, consider having a writing service create your assignment for you.

As you look to these MBA thesis topics examples, either use them for your work or use them as a brainstorming tool to come up with a good topic. Your dissertation should be a unique piece of work, but that does not mean you cannot use similar topics with fresh ideas to guide you toward your degree.

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