Prepare yourself for writing a PhD dissertation with the help of suggestions

Suggestions can come from many places.

  1. Talking to your professor/instructor
  2. Talk to your advisor
  3. Library; School, and Public
  4. Web source
  5. Someone in your field

Once you have picked the topic you want to write on, often how to hit that subject can be daunting. Utilize suggestions on how to work it.

  • Talking to your instructor
  • Talking to your instructor/professor can help. Let them know where you are wanting to go, and where your problem is. They have been dealing with your field longer than you have. They will likely know of some point in that topic that can help you.

  • Talking to your Advisor
  • Telling your Advisor about your issue can also be effective. They might know of a resource or even a place that you can get good pointers. Listen to them and see how this will work in your favor.

  • Libraries
  • Libraries have tons of data stored in them; books, journals, videos, and such. Use it to look up previous essays and theses. See what others have done, and if any of these can help you. Watch a few videos related to your topic; and see if they have anything that can help you find what you are looking for.

  • Internet
  • The internet can be a great resource if used right. Many universities and other places have essays and articles, posted that can help you. Look to make sure these are legitimate sites though. One of the first things to look for is the address; an .ed or .org, are going to be good resources. Some professional people also run blogs that have legitimate articles. Look in the about section to see who is writing it. If it is just some john doe, do not use it, because you have no way to verify their information. But if they have the proper credentials, PhD., Masters, work for a institution, then the data is most likely going to be very accurate.

  • Professionals in your field
  • By now you have met people in your field. Talk to them for ideas. Because they know the field, there is a good chance they know something that in your topic is not covered right, or is too old and out of date. They might even offer to be interviewed for your Dissertation. This could offer you a lot for your paper.

You are in school, and thus you have plenty of resources at hand. Do not be afraid to use them.

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